Advanced Rep / Frequent Fridays


Frequent Fridays are One-act plays cast & directed by Senior students, enrolled in Advanced Rep. Theatre.  This is a terrific opportunity for our underclassmen to audition, act and learn how to run the technical areas of theatre!  Any student may audition and apply to be a crew member for a Frequent Friday.

Advanced Rep also puts on a one act play involving the entire class.

Mark your calendars for these sure-to-be amazing performances.


SME Advanced Rep Theatre Presents "Waiting For Lefty" by Clifford Odets

Dec. 12th at 3:00 PM and

Dec. 13th at 6:00 PM in the SME Little Theatre

 Lefty is the story of a meeting of a New York cab driver’s union on the verge of a strike. The union’s corrupt leader Harry Fatt does everything he can to discourage it, and the mysterious absence of left-leaning advocate Lefty Costello doesn’t bode well for the would-be strikers. After hearing the heart-wrenching tales of four hard-working cab drivers -- each story dramatized before the eyes of the audience before transitioning seamlessly back into the union meeting -- Agate Keller takes the stage and demands immediate action. When word comes that Lefty has been found “with a bullet in his head,” the union joins Agate in chanting “STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE!!!”

Frequent Fridays


Luke Knopke

"The Actor's Nightmare"

August 24


Maggie Mulligan

"Every Novel You Read in High School"

November 8


Davis Vaughn

"Stolen Hearts"

March 1


Jackson Engel

"The Other Room"

September 7


Blake Peery


November 30


Evann Greene

"Moonrise Kingdom"

March 7


Sophia Egan

"A Great Career"

September 28


Alana Rowan

"Just a Stage He's Going Through"

February 8


Ella Stotts


March 22


Lindsay Goodman


October 19


Aaron Berlau


February 22


Jonah Howard

"Now You See Me, Now You Don't"

March 28

Check the school calendar and the Callboard outside room 213, for dates to audition or apply for crew positions.

All Frequent Friday shows are held in the Little Theatre or Room 213 |  Admission is always FREE, but get there early!