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August 23 Meeting Agenda & Notes

I.     Amy Camp, Booster President – Welcome & Introductions:

Tash Davis, VP/Treasurer | Sybbie Fox, Communications | Jeannie Branzaru, Social Media Blogger


II.    Brian Cappello & Tom DeFeo, SME Theatre Faculty


III.  Thespian Troupe 1806 Executive Board Reps:  

How Thespian membership is earned / How to Letter in Thespians | Thespian Activities: Upcoming events, Lance Day Float info


IV.  Amy:

a)  Membership:  How to join – - 2-part on-line submission (membership form & PayPal), form download to return with check to Mr. DeFeo’s class

b)  Board members needed/description of tasks

  • Outside sales/sponsorships (In addition, if anyone present would like to be a sponsor, please note on Theatre Boosters membership form.)

  • Mercy Meals - FILLED

  • Flower Sales - FILLED

  • Photographer to work with student photographers - FILLED

c)  September 16 Family BBQ and backstage tours (ALL theatre families are invited – members/non-members) – Dinner is provided

d) Pre-Show Pot Lucks:

  • Two pot lucks this year:  Wed, Oct. 26 & Tues, Jan. 31.  Potlucks begin at 5:00pm; dress rehearsal begins at 6:30pm.  Remember, this is your time to take pictures / videos, as no flash photography is allowed during shows.

  • Themed dinners with a SignUp Genius (All parents of cast/crew invited.  All cast/crew members will be eating – ensure plenty of food)

e)  Pre-Show To-Do’s: prior to Pot Luck or at Pot Luck:

  • Line ads ($10) – “Break-a-Leg, Johnny!  We love you, Mom and Dad!”

  • Show Posters ($5)– tradition that cast and crew sign the back

  • Tickets

    • Musical– $10 - pre-purchased for musical, pick up at Pot Luck. Not general admission. Tickets assigned in order of receipt of money and order form.

    • Fall Show - all tickets, $7 at the door

  • Buttons ($5) – pre-ordered, picked up at Pot Luck

  • Flowers ($10) – pre-ordered, picked up on SHOW NIGHTS in concession area

(Some of these items will be taken care of at the booster meeting prior to a show -or- eventually online. Forms will be emailed prior to booster meetings.)

e)  Important Dates:

  • Booster Meetings (prior to each show):  Oct 4, Jan 10, Mar 21 – 6:3pm

  • Show Dates:  Musical Revue, September 13 & 14, 7:00 p.m.

                                   Our Town – Fall Play, October 27-29, 7:00 p.m.

                                   Seussical – Musical, Feb 1, Feb 3, Feb 4, 7:00 p.m. + 2:00 Sat.

                                   That’s Not How I Remember It –and- Bad Ideas for Television Shows:  April 5, 6 & 7 – 7:00pm    

f)  Sign-Ups: Contact email, Membership, & T-shirt orders in the lobby concluding meeting

  • Season T-shirts - $5 (you can generously pay full cost of the shirt at $8)

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