Theatre Lingo

(if you're new to SME Theatre, here are some things you may hear us say)

Break-A-Leg - notes of acknowledgement for a production member to be posted in the program.

Strike - actors & crew tear down and clean directly following the run of each show, in preparation for the next show.

Workday - Workdays occur throughout the year after school and on Saturdays.  Crew members work on preparation for productions—building sets, painting, obtaining props, etc.

Load In - The time when the stage is free to move in the production; set, lights, sound etc. This takes 10 to 14 days.

Show Shirts - Shirts unique to each mainstage production.  Some Frequent Fridays will also have show shirts available.  Shirts are purchased by cast / crew involved with productions.  For mainstage shows, students need to pay for their shirts in advance, when their order is placed.

Frequent Fridays - Frequent Fridays are One-act plays directed by Senior students, enrolled in Advanced Rep Theatre.  Any student may audition and apply to be a crew member for a Frequent Friday.

Tech Week - The week leading up to the show; dress rehearsals, lights / sound, long days...